Dogs of Our Lives

Welcome to our Home Page! Our home page is dedicated to our dogs, past and present. We hope you enjoy this home page as much as we enjoyed making it. Linda and Helmut Fleisch.

Linda and Teddy

Helmut and DeeDee

The first dog was a little Beagle named Joey. He was so cute and sooo smart! Yes, smart. He understood every word that was spoken and could even spell and sing. Joey went everywhere with us. He especially enjoyed going for ice cream. This is Joey's photo.


Jaime was our second (and last) Beagle. He was larger than Joey and insisted on having his way in everything. We loved him anyway. We adopted Ginger, a Terrier/Poodle mix from the Humane Assoc. as a companion for Jaime. Ginger was in charge of our household for 16 years. This photo is of Jaime at one year and Ginger at 9 months. They are both at Rainbow Bridge.

One day when Linda was volunteering at the Humane Assoc., a woman brought in a little brown Chihuahua because she was moving to a nursing home and couldn't keep her little dog. The woman cried, Linda cried and Coco the Chihuahua cried real tears. After the woman left Linda took Coco out of her cage and held her the rest of the day. Needless to say, Coco went home with Linda and became her dog. This is Coco who went to Rainbow Bridge many years ago.

The white Chihuahua, Lil, in this photo is the only one who is not at Rainbow Bridge. The brown one, Pogo, loved people, especially children. The black and white one, Jodie, wasn't keen on strangers of any kind but we used to say she was the cutest, nicest, smallest, smartest dog in the whole world...and just a tiny bit vicious. These were all "adoptees". Jodie was brought to the Humane Assoc. as a stray. We adopted the other 2 from their owners: Lil at age 3 and Pogo at age 5-1/2.

This was our first Pomeranian, also brought to the Humane Assoc. as a stray. She was old, deaf and going blind. We named her Wendy.

Adolph the Dachshund was another unwanted dog who adopted us. His owner rescued him from abusive people but then couldn't keep him. This is "Dolph".

When we had a swimming pool, Ginger loved to dive in and have a swim with Helmut. Jealousy overcame Nancy and she insisted on joining them. This picture is Nancy and Ginger in the pool.

Our first Papillon, Jenny, died at the tender age of 8 months. One minute she was playing and the next she was dead. It still hurts to think of it. She was so sweet and pretty. This is one of the few pictures we have of Jenny.

Our second Pomeranian, Nancy, had two former owners. We knew them both and "babysat" Nancy quite often for the second owner. Nancy had her CD in Obedience both in the US and Canada. She was so adorable in the obedience ring that spectators would applaud her when we finished and judges were known to make excuses for her. Our Nancy went to Rainbow Bridge on February 14, 1997. She will always be our "Star". This is Nancy.

These are our Papillons, Teddy and DeeDee. Teddy is the one with the incredible ears. Teddy is Am/Can CH Bedmark's Bear With Me and sweet DeeDee is Del Rio's Delta Dawn. Teddy is a "take charge" kind of guy who tells the other dogs what they can and can't do. He took over as "top dog" when Ginger went to Rainbow Bridge.

This is a photo of Teddy with his "bear". His breeder gave it to him when he was born and he still has it. He always plays with it on our bed.

Our Pomeranian, Woody, is such a sweetie. He is so good, never causes any trouble and is very quiet. He only barks when supper is late. This is Woody. (ShrDa's Remote Control)

This is Woody cooling off.

We have a new Chihuahua. His name is Timmy and is 1-1/2 years old, fawn color, and weighs 3.5 lbs. Here is his picture with our other Chihuahua, Lil.

The next picture was taken during the summer of 1996. Left to right, Teddy, Woody, DeeDee, Lil, Timmy, and Nancy.

This is the newest member of our family "Winnie". Her registered name is Medlee's Little Bit o'Country. We called her "Bitsy" until she accidentally bit Linda's finger while snatching a treat. Linda decided that her name couldn't have any connotation of biting and called her Winnie from then on.

The last picture is our canary, Birdie.


Linda and Helmut Fleisch

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